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Dr. Ir. Peter Lucas

Project manager

Project managers

In 2018 Peter Lucas joined the Optomechatronics Department of TNO located in Delft. In his role as NOMI project manager he is responsible for research and development projects which contribute to the NOMI roadmap and ecosystem. Main technology lines in which he is active are 3D Nanometrology, 3D Nanomanufacturing and bio-nanomedical instruments. Peter is the program manager of the Early Research Program 3D Nanomanufacturing, whereas a project example executed under his responsibility is the FET PROACT H2020 Viruscan project.

Peter Lucas PhD obtained his MSc (2005) and PhD (2010) at the Delft University of Technology, faculty of Aerospace Engineering. In 2010 Peter joined VSL where he specialized in metrology and later took up the role of business developed and project manager. In 2018 Peter moved to TNO, department of Optomechatronics as a project manager.