Image: 2017-10/foto-paulvanneer.png

Dr. Ir. Paul van Neer

Senior scientist


Paul van Neer is currently working at the department of Acoustics and Sonar as a scientist focusing on (ultrasonic) instrument development. He is especially interested in the research of instrumentation combining different imaging modalities, such as the combination of acoustics and atomic force microscopy.

Paul obtained his MSc in Biomedical Engineering at the Eindhoven University of Technology in 2005. He received his PhD degree at the Biomedical Engineering department at the Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam in 2010 on the development of hardware and signal processing methods for super harmonic imaging (a type of nonlinear medical ultrasound imaging). After a brief post-doc at the same department, Paul started working at TNO in 2011: first at the department of Precision Motion Systems, later at the department of Process Intensification and Instrumentation.

He currently holds the position of senior scientist at the department of Acoustics and Sonar. Paul’s research interest entail (ultrasonic) sensor/instrument design, phased array design, (Guided) wave propagation and the modelling thereof, (ultrasonic) signal processing and pulsing schemes, imaging algorithms and (ultrasonic) actuation principles. He participated in a number of European Union funded projects (eg. Consens, Copilot, Insight). Paul holds 15+ patents (pending or granted), has 18 journal publications and 40+ scientific conference contributions.