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Mehmet Tamer M.Sc



Mehmet Selman Tamer is working as a researcher in the NOMI program. He is currently working on tip-sample interaction in Dynamic Mode Atomic Force Microscopy.

Mehmet Selman Tamer received his Bachelor of Science degree in Physics in 2009 from Koç University. During his bachelor degree he worked on micro-photonic devices under supervision of Prof. Dr. Ali Serpenguzel. He received his Master of Science degree in Physics Engineering from Istanbul Technical University. During his master degree he worked on system design and development of photon emission of scanning tunneling microscopy.

He started his PhD studies in June 2013, in the Precision and Microsystems Engineering under the Faculty of 3mE at Delft University of Technology under supervision of Prof. Dr. Fred van Keulen, Dr. Hans Goosen and Dr. Hamed Sadeghian.