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Ir. Nicole Nulkes-de Groot

Project manager

Project managers

Nicole Nulkes-de Groot is the program manager of the Early Research Program 3D Nanomanufacturing and is also project manager that is responsible for the development of nano-metrology equipment for Semiconductor Industry.

As commercial spin-off of  the Early Research Nicole manages in collaboration with an industrial partner the project  '3D Nano tomography application research' to resolve invisible nanostructures under the surface.

Nicole was as project manager also responsible for the development and the validation of the parallel AFM as a sub-nm, high throughput metrology and inspection solution and for the development of the Fast automatic Tip Exchange equipment for fast exchange of the tip during high speed scanning. Currently Nicole’s focus is on the project to develop a metrology equipment for 3D-nano profiling and electrical contouring of new advanced high aspect ratio devices of Semicon Industry. 

lr. Nicole Nulkes-de Groot studied Mechanical Engineering at the TU-Delft, followed by a two-year Masterclass Mechatronic design at Philips. Nicole has over 17 years experience in mechatronic design and innovation projects and enjoys managing the development of profitable products in line with company strategy.

At Philips Nicole worked as mechanical engineer of optical exposure and mask handling production machines for the production of Display components. After Phillips Nicole worked 8 years at Priva BV where she obtained her business marketing degree. At Priva Nicole started as project manager of agricultural robotica and was also product manager of sensor systems for greenhouses and water treatment equipment. At Priva Nicole repositioned the water product portfolio intern and extern, analyzed product market fit and product profitability. Nicole realized shared vision of the added value of the portfolio and future positions.