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Ir. Marco van der Lans

Project manager

Project managers

In 2015 Marco van der Lans joined the Optomechatronics Department of TNO located in Delft. In his role as NOMI project manager he is responsible for research and development projects which contribute to the NOMI roadmap and ecosystem. Main technology lines in which he is active are 3D Nanotomography, 3D Nanomanufacturing and bio-nanomedical instruments. Examples of projects which are executed under his responsibility are Sub Surface Probe Microscopy, Photo Thermo Acoustic Imaging of nanostructures and FET PROACT H2020 Viruscan. 

Marco van der Lans graduated for his Master of Science Electrical Engineering at the Delft University of Technology in 2003. During his Master, he specialized in control engineering and radar technology. In 2003 he started working for TNO Physics and Electronics Laboratory in The Hague as a modelling and simulation expert. In 2006 he started working as a project manager of multidisciplinary projects for Dutch Ministry of Defense and NATO. In 2015 Marco made the step towards the Optomechatronics department as a NOMI project manager.