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Drs. ing. Geerten Kramer



In 2006 Geerten began his career at TNO and specialized himself in Mechatronics and motion control. Over the years, he gained experience in several projects involving Haptics, Optomechatronics, Astronomy and Industrial Automation. His main contribution in these projects was related to sensor and actuator choice, electronics selection, real-time systems, modeling and simulation. The last few years, he worked as a mechatronics specialist to create architectures for electronics and software in projects related to AFM, with a focus on real-time control using FPGAs.

Drs. ing. Geerten Kramer received his Bachelor degree in electronics from the Hoogeschool Rens en Rens, Hilversum, The netherlands in 1999 and his Master degree in physics from the Radboud University Nijmegen, The Netherlands in 2005.