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Dr. Klára Maturová



Dr. Klára Maturová is currently working at NOMI, TNO (Nano-Opto-Mechatronics Instruments) as a scientist, developing novel atomic force microscopy modes.

Klára Maturová received her PhD in 2010 from Technical University Eindhoven. The title of her thesis was 'Understanding organic electronics on the basis of scanning probe microscopy'. She then continued in development of new  scanning probe imaging methods to study properties of organic molecules and quantum dots as a postdoctoral researcher at National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Colorado, USA. After finishing her project 'Intermittent conductive atomic force microscopy for chemical imaging', she was offered a postdoctoral research position at Los Alamos National Laboratory to develop a setup combining a scanning tunneling microscopy and an optical spectroscopy to study photoemission and photoconductivity of the quantum dots.