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Dr. Ir. Rodolf Herfst



As a research specialist investigating in the NOMI group Rodolf Herfst works on (parallelized) AFM, (optical) cantilever read-out systems, electronics, and development of electrical AFM modes for use in the semiconductor industry.

Dr. Ir. Rodolf Herfst has a background in Experimental Physics (1998-2004), followed by a PhD (2005-2009) on the Reliability of RF MEMS capacitive switches. This work was done in a joint project of NXP Semiconductors and the department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Twente. He then did a postdoctoral study on RF reliability of CMOS devices, which he continued at NXP Semiconductors. In 2012 he joined TNO Technical Sciences to work on atomic force microscopy (AFM) related subjects. During his career he gained experience with AFM, MEMS and semiconductor technology, optical sensor systems, RF device characterization, reliability research, and more.