Image: 2017-06/tno-team-portraits-2.jpg

Dr. ir. Benjamin Biemond

Dynamics & Control Specialist


In September 2016, Benjamin started as Dynamics & Control Specialist at the Department of Optomechatronics at the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research TNO, Delft. Here, he aims to understand the dynamics induced by the nonlinear force interactions that occur in atomic force microscopes, and to exploit these forces to develop effective control approaches.

Benjamin Biemond obtained his MSc and PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2009 and 2013 at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Benjamin received his PhD degree based on dynamics and control research of nonsmooth systems, that are a class of nonlinear dynamical systems. Subsequently, Benjamin started as a postdoc at the Numerical Analysis and Applied Mathematics Section of the Computer Science Department of KU Leuven, where he got experience with the effect of time-delays in controlling nonlinear systems.  He received a FWO Pegasus Marie Curie Fellowship for this research.