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Dr. Abbas Mohtashami



As a research scientist in the NOMI program, Abbas is interested in developing new imaging tools using the scanning probe microscopy techniques. He is currently involved in the development of subsurface ultrasound scanning probe microscopy. Abbas is also interested in bridging between optical and mechanical nano-imaging techniques.

Dr. Abbas Mohtashami has an interdisciplinary background in both physics and engineering. He obtained his BSc and MSc degrees on Optics and Laser engineering and Engineering Physics from Iran and Germany in 2007 and 2010. He then moved to the Netherlands and joined AMOLF institute in Amsterdam and received his PhD degree in nano-photonics from the University of Amsterdam in 2015. In his thesis titled 'Characterization of single emitters and nano-antennas', he studied the generation and redirection of the light photons at nano-scales using different microscopy techniques such as near-field scanning probe microscopy, fluorescence and cathodoluminescence microscopy. Abbas is currently working at the optomechatronics department of TNO as an experimental specialist working on different nano-imaging techniques.