About Nomi

Recent developments in nano-science and –technology (a.o. semiconductor, nanoelectronics, energy, life science, quantum technology) have shown the tremendous increased need for Nano-Optomechatronics Instruments (NOMI). As one of the world leaders in this field, the current NOMI-ecosystem, led by TNO, has established the NOMI roadmap and program for short, mid and long term developments. Establishing a focused program (externally oriented) with one or two other world leading research partners (university, research centers, etc.) and industrial partners to complement the current NOMI uniqueness, will lead to a unique innovation ecosystem with a clear focus on applied technology development and product valorisation. NOMI's uniqueness consists of a few critical points.

1. At NOMI we understand how waves (electromagnetig and mechanical) interact with matter at nano-schale. This understanding is transferred into an instrument. Via expertise in mechatronics and optics we develop proof concepts of an optomechatronics instrument. We use advance control and data processing to make the instruments smart;

2. We value and maintain close relations with the industry for application and domain knowledge. We focus our research to solve specific challenges in the market. Our applications (both mid and long term) show the applicability of the developed technology for use cases.

Some of the technologies developed in the NOMI-ecosystem have already entered a transformational phase from early research to application-driven technologies ready for product engineering. This allows the NOMI-ecosystem to function as an incubator, with Nearfield Instruments as the first example.

So, in such an innovation ecosystem a close, autonomous and sustainable relation with both research and industrial partners will not only boost the speed of advancements and shorten the pre-launch research period for products, but also helps in focusing the direction of the research and development based on industrial needs; factors that are extremely important in allocation of funding to new projects.