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TNO and SwissLitho successfully show feasibility of 3D nanopatterning for industrial applications

Automated and Wafer-scale 3D Nanopatterning for Industry Research

Posted on: Feb 15, 2017 By Admin

TNO, with the Nano-Optomechatronics Instrumentation (NOMI) program in particular, and SwissLitho A.G., supplier of thermal Scanning Probe Lithography (tSPL) systems used for academic research, announce that they have successfully shown the compatibility of the SwissLitho tSPL technology and the parallelized AFM technology for high-throughput developed by NOMI. It was shown that sufficient resolution had been achieved, among other tests, by printing the nanometer scale 3D reliefs of their logos. The combined success of the NanoFrazor systems in the academic world and the interest for the parallel SPM system from industry, promises a great potential towards a solution for industrial R&D.

The 3D nanomanufacturing research is aimed at enabling future mass production of 3D nano-electronics devices. Research will enable the transition from 2D to 3D nanostructures, that will support the need for ever more powerful devices. The focus of the NOMI program is on the Instrumentations for manufacturing and metrology of nanostructures at the very high speeds, accuracies and reliabilities required for industrial applications.

Although this is the first important achieved milestone, the goal of the collaboration between TNO and SwissLItho A.G. is to show feasibility of a number of applications for this technology. The compatibility was shown by integrating the thermal lithography technology from SwissLitho with a miniaturized scanning probe system from NOMI. Hamed Sadeghian, Principal scientist Optomechatronics at TNO: “We aim to show capabilities for prototyping contact holes, dense lines and 3D patterns with sufficient speed for industry expectations.”

For further information also check the NOMI website: or the SwissLitho website:

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SwissLitho develops, produces and markets the NanoFrazor. The NanoFrazor is a new and innovative machine for the fabrication of nanostructures. The fabrication of nanostructures, which are increasingly needed for a variety of applications, is extremely difficult, expensive and time consuming using conventional nanofabrication methods. The NanoFrazor offers a completely new alternative. It was developed over the last years at the IBM research laboratory in Zurich and at the ETH Zurich. The NanoFrazor is not only easier to use, faster and more cost-effective. Beyond, it offers the unique ability to produce extremely precise 3D nanostructures. For more information go to: