Vision and Mission

The Nano-Optomechatronics Instruments (NOMI) ecosystem was setup within TNO (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research) based on the following vision of the future:

  • We see a future where humanity will solve many of future’s challenges in data, energy and life sciences by a continuous miniaturization in device fabrication down to an atomic scale.

The NOMI-ecosystem thus defines its mission as follows:

  • We develop the technologies that enable exploration and exploitation of the atom-scale world level leading to the real-world applications.

  • We turn inventions into innovations (and valorize on the ecosystem investments) by collaboration with existing commercial partners but also act as an incubator to start new/joint ventures (example: Nearfield Instruments). These ventures make use of the NOMI-ecosystem technology research to create the instruments to image, measure and fabricate devices at the level of individual atoms at a humanly acceptable and economically attractive level.

About NOMI



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